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"That's NOT Kickboxing!" when your son's second class has made him an expert

Defending the “flying” side kick to the knee (seen more often in MMA as of late):

  • Step back
  • Point the knee
  • Drop the lead leg back to evade, land on your toes and return a kick to the head
  • Step out 45° and circle step to kick the back of their leg

Plum defense

  • On the grip side, bring your shoulder medial and superiorly popping their grip off, inserting your hand inside
  • Overhook by grabbing their neck, pivot your shoulders toward midline

Catching kicks with more panache. Step with the kick, overlooking at the ankle, take a half-step back with your rear leg and drop their heel to the palm of your glove. Keep the leg off-line with your body.

  • Throw across your body and follow with a kick
  • Fake the cross body throw then pull back to the original side and throw their foot this way, follow the a kick
  • Pull their leg straight back as you rotate your hips to throw a head kick
  • Pull their leg straight back as you throw the round knee to the solar plexus, your free hand goes to their face, step forward and throw the elbow
  • Pass their foot to the opposite hand, either step back with your lead leg to reach across their body and trip or step in with your rear leg as you reach across to trip with the contralateral leg to the foot grabbing hand