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Lerdsila Muay Femur Seminar

 I headed to Top Level Gym for a muay thai seminar by Lerdsila in his muay femur style. It was fascinating to watch an elite athlete demonstrate not only the physical tactics but the fight logic that predicated why it should be done this way. Lerdsila also taught the content really well making it a rewarding seminar.

He talked about his mentality toward fighting which was that he fought because it was fun. Winning and losing happens to everyone so the focus should be the joy of performing not the rewards or penalties of the result. He encouraged using play and games to develop this passion and to worry less about winning or losing.

Some of the techniques and tactics we covered, included:

Leg cover rear kick - leg evade rear kick - rear head kick (the evasion loads the kick)

Leg cover rear kick - leg evade rear kick - new lead foot kick to the butt - jab off new lead (trying to provoke anger in your opponent)

Rear kick - fake rear kick - lead jumping head kick

Rear kick - fake rear kick to side kick to thigh. Next time fake the side kick to thigh but throw to face

Rear low kick - fake to opposite crescent kick “flick” - rear head kick

Rear mid level kick - step lateral, fake the kick - rear tiip

Lead tiip - fake lead tiip - jump rear oblique tiip to thigh - fake lead tiip - jump rear body tiip

Tiip - fake tiip question mark kick

Parry jab - rear leg kick
Parry jab - cross
Parry jab - rear elbow
Parry jab - rear head kick

Parry jab - step back cross so it falls short - rear head kick

Clinch defense 
  • Two hands inside pushing the shoulders, do this first to make them commit more next time
  • Back step to a near “horse stance” and deliver an upward, back elbow with your former rear side
  • With inside control, turn an oversized steering wheel, push one side and pull on the other
  • Bob-n-weave their clinch

Knee defense (opposite stances)
  • Their rear knee: step forward a little and extend your lead arm pushing them in the shoulder/lateral chest
  • Their lead knee - angle off to the side, inside the knee and underhook their leg as you cinch the waist with your other hand, trip by kneeing the cinched side as you lift.
Jab-vertical jab-belly jab-lead hook play - basically one side plays with the lead hand in all the angles it can go while the other side defends 

Single leg drills - you would never just stand on one leg but for balance and kicking development, have one partner stand on one leg while the other feeds
  • Defend off one leg;  your partner tries to hit you with hands or feet and you have to use your raised leg to tiip - kick - leg cover.
  • Hop knee then defend - your partner hold their gloves T shoulder height you do a jumping knee and switch legs, your partner then tries to land light punches.
  • Superman punch drills - stay on your lead leg, throw 20 Superman punches without putting your foot down

We did leg conditioning by kicking our partner’s legs lightly.