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Wrestling practice today working on set-ups:

  • Kiss the bicep / Steering wheel: From a neck and inside arm tie, drop your weight as you try to push your partners head to their arm.
  • Snap to underhook: From neck tie, switch step out of the way to punch the opposite undertook in. Get a praying mantis grip on their head with your tie hand
  • Kiss the bicep reaction: When your partner stands upright, use a penetration step to place your forehead on the center of the chest. This is an inelastic collision, your head is stuck. Now grabbing the near leg step laterally with you lead foot as you grab their other leg. Now pull there legs past your legs as you transition from head pressure to shoulder pressure into the side mount.
High crotch set-up requires you to "open the window”. Two options shown today were when with the kiss the bicep set-up or when they overreach your tie. Take a penetration step and roll to your knee, grabbing between their legs and clasping the back of their thigh. Step through with the rear leg and punch with your free hand to turn the corner, becoming perpendicular with your opponent hips. Overgrip your wrist and look toward their contralateral scapula.
  • Use your overgrip hand to grip their anterior thigh and grab their opposite leg with your original high crotch hand. Step in front of them as you pull their legs laterally past your rear foot. Your shoulder will go to their abdomen and you will end up in a low side side control.
  • If they block your anterior reach hand, pivot backwards about 90* as you “bow” dumping them front of you.
Next we worked on some ground-n-pound (GnP) principles:
  • From the situation where they have fallen in front of you, use your rear hand to grab the ankle of the ipsilateral leg. Lift it at drive it laterally, kick the lateral and posterior side of their leg. Throw their legs across your body and away, insert your lead shin behind their thighs. Throw a solid rear shot. Step past their hip into knee on stomach, throw three punches.
  • From the low side control, free your superior arm and obtain head control. Snack your arm under their head and grip the anterior side of their axilla. Throw three downward elbows to the flank. Then control their biceps with this hand and deliver three forearm smashes.
  • From knee on stomach throw your lead hand, rear hand, lead hand, and rear hook. Jump to the other side and repeat for the round.

While the junior students worked on our fundamental self-defense techniques, senior students worked on the Kesa Gatame Kill System.