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Don't show me you can hit hard, let me feel it and never have the chance to see it

I came up with this today as I was holding, lots of folks like to pose as if to demonstrate that they are hitting hard. Don't worry your opponent or coach will know from the impact, you don't have to show them. Today I worked on some clinching concepts:
  1. "Garage Door" or cover lift
    With this use the cover with a partial duck, to pick up the punch and then wing the elbow up, to work into the clinch on the outside of the arms.
  2. Cover check
    As you cover, extend the opposite hand to catch the cover side neck, followed immediately by a knee
  3. Flurry clinch
    To often we separate striking from clinching, I think this is an error, if we want to set up a shot, we would tap or misdirect, why not do the same but with punches, really fast and hard ones, too. Thus throw five "shots" (in the striking not the wrestling sense) but only three punches, e.g. jab-cross-lead hook-rear clinch neck-lead clinch neck
I also did some FUN (frigging unholy nastiness) with some Tabata rounds, I included:
  • Striking Spider-man
  • Medicine Ball Push-ups
  • Cover Push-ups
  • Pistol Squats
  • 3 push-up alternating with climbers
  • Alternating one leg on the ball squats
  • High Knees
  • Happy Feet

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