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ActiveEdge Smoker

Team Solid went 6 and 2 at the ActiveEdge Smoker in Lansing, IL.
  • Alex "Pro-cop" Prokup picked up a decision after using some devastating knees to the body.
  • Matt Cropper stepped up and fought a fighter 12 pounds heavier than him. He lost after the second due to his corner tossing in the towel.
  • Gavin Blythe earned a decision after first teeing off on his opponent's testicles before settling down and putting together some nice punch kick combinations.
  • Vaughn Comacho swarmed his opponent like a wave, using a powerful overhand, same sharp cut kicks, and a head of stone to win a decision.
  • Phil "Zombie" Halverston took a decision to win his fight with punch knee combinations.
  • Alain Sothikhoun did not unleash the animal and lost a unanimous decision after a stellar first round. He did indeed present an envelope with his WoW login before the match.
  • Dan "the Ukranian Sensation" Yasinki earned a TKO in the second round.
  • Joe "Machete" Gradle earned a TKO due to knees in the third round.
Many thanks to Jarred Meyers and Willie Sweatt who did not have the opportunity to fight but pitched in to corner and coach anyway.

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