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No joke chokes: One handed rear mounted choke

I have been working on taking the back, mostly because it is a lot easier to fight someone when you're behind them.  One of my problems is that getting the choke is difficult because my opponent attempts to control one of my arms, allowing the other to control the lapel.  My opponent knows that there is no way I can choke them if I only have one lapel control.
Solutions to this have been proposed: One option is the chicken wing choke but I find that getting the deep underhook from behind is very difficult when they aggressively tuck their arm down.  Another option is the wrestling version of the rear naked, but this means getting your arm all the way across their neck, which typically means they start defending that arm.
When I take the back if I plan ahead I can often obtain one lapel.  It is the other hand that gets stopped.  So I needed a solution:

  1. Rear ezekiel: From the rear mount obtain cross collar lapel control, with your other hand reach across and obtain a grip inside your sleeve on the opposite side of their neck from your lapel control.  Now cinch the choke by pulling on the collar while bring your forearm across the back of their neck.
  2. Rear sleeveless ezekiel: If your sleeve is unattainable instead grab the forearm with your opposite hand, palm facing you, blocking the posterior portion of the lateral side of the neck on this side.  Place your head next to their head on the opposite side as you pull on the collar and curl your forearm toward you.
  3. Rear lapeless ezekiel:  Again from the rear mount, free and then pass your kimono down the "negative airspace" across their neck to your opposite hand.  Slip your newly freed hand inside the opposite sleeve and drop your forearm across the back of their neck.  Drop your head next to theirs opposite to your sleeve grip.

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