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I throw elbows until the skin comes off

Some late notes on elbows.  I had my muay thai private earlier this week but one has to do the things that pay the bills before doing the things we do for thrills.  Not that writing notes is thrilling but it certainly helps me remember.

We used a short stepping jab followed by a longer stepping rear elbow.  So the first step is short just to get us to range, while the follow-up elbow is based on the feel of the opponent.  The second step, should bring your lead foot parallel with your opponent's lead foot.  Simultaneously the shoulders and hips rotate to deliver the horizontal elbow.  It should turn over, whipping the bony tip of the elbow into the bag, your fist ending up next to your chin on the opposite side, as if you had a sudden itch on your shoulder.  Your opposite arm covers your head.  Recover rapidly to your original stance.

The jab same side horizontal elbow uses the same short stepping jab, but this time partially retract the jab hand, and step your lead foot parallel to your opponent's lead, but midline.  You are essentially lengthening and narrowing your stance.  Simultaneously rotate your shoulders whipping the tip of the elbow into the bag and recover.

The stepping is important to deliver the short range of the elbow to the target.  It is key that the elbow rotate into the bag, avoid forearm smashing instead deliver a maximal amount of force to a minimal amount of surface area.

Next, in a display of saintly trust, Ian let me throw elbows at him.  We worked two scenarios, off the soft and hard cover off the jab.  If your opponent is relaxed you will punch into a pillow, after the next jab, roll your lead hand around his wrist and pull, ripping his structure from his head, and throw the same elbow.  If he is resistant and bounces off your jab, then throw another jab, roll around his wrist and pull him to your centerline as you half twist to drive in the elbow.

Last we tied up, wrestler style.  Use a small drop step and a sudden jerk of your nearest/rear hand to pull him sideways, then rapidly deliver the rear horizontal elbow to the temple with a counter twist.

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