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Tiip Combinations on the Suitcase Pad

Today we worked on tiip combinations.  Now, the mindset is different to one that I’ve previously trained and preached.  The tiip is an opener followed by a fake.  Rather than predetermining that I will do combo xyz, I need to to obey the energy of my opponent.  I’m proactively reacting, what they do predicates my next move.  So in each “combo” I’d tiip and then fake it by raising my lead leg to knee height.  Options:

  • Rear kick
  • Lead kick
  • Jab
  • Jab cross
  • Lead hook
  • Lead hook, rear (leg) kick, lead hook
  • Cross, lead kick, cross

If my opponent runs on my fake tiip and then returns, I can fake it again but hop forward and laterally to throw the rear kick.  This allows the fake to cover distance.  Also if the jab is working, fake it and throw the tiip.

Interestingly enough, Ian fed all these using a suitcase pad.  This is a new use of a pad I had sort of relegated to developing leg kicking power.  When a knowledgeable and creative person holds pads it really elevates the level of training, so drilling with the pad was a lot of fun.

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