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Closed guard, control the cross collar and ipsilateral sleeve. Put the sleeve grip ipsilateral foot into the hip and pivot to the 45 degree angle. Release the sleeve and cross collar choke by grabbing the far shoulder seam.
Same set-up but rather than pivoting bring your other knee inside and create a knee shield. Free your hand from their sleeve and post. Rapidly shift your hips off line laterally while pulling the collar hand to your hip, dragging your partner face first to the mat. If the far hook is open climb on top, if they close it off drag them laterally to the mat. In both cases take the back.
Lastly, open and get the knee shield in place. Now rotate your sleeve grip inferiorly and medially across your body. Now pull the lapel as you push their opposite thigh away. Take the back.

Simplicity. I swear I've never seen this before.

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