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Today I covered some mixed-martial arts style grappling from the closed guard. The first was a series I picked up from BJJ Mastermind II:

From closed guard clinch your opponents head like a muay thai plum and use the other hand to block punches. Catch their arm off the punches and place shin shield in their biceps, cupping their triceps with your hand. This should roll their arm, rotating their hand posteriorly, setting up the kimura.

If they defend the kimura by cupping their thigh, use the hand nearest their head to reach posteriorly and wrap their head grabbing their chin. Drop your arm on top of their head like you are gripping a football. Scoot your hips backwards to create space on the contralateral side from your grip, feed your hand in to secure the guillotine. Lift your hips and arc toward the ipsilateral side as their head.

If they defend the kimura by extending their arm, retain your grip on their wrist and cup their elbow with your other hand. Pull it over your head, trapping their triceps against your head. I pull with my legs to get the proximal insertion of their triceps against my head/neck. Wrap their neck in a deep figure four putting your free hand against your head.

You can also use this position to block punches, then swim underneath their punching arm with your contralateral arm to obtain a rear neck choke position.

We also discussed using the this set-up and setting up a shoulder clinch: block the strike and then roll your arm underneath it, Gable grip at their shoulder, pulling their torso down. Now slide out to this side on the contralateral hip, place your top foot in the near hip and place your knee on the shoulder. Essentially a vice grip with your legs on their torso. Pinch their wrist between your shoulder and head. Now slide down their arm with your Gable grip until you are just proximal to the elbow. Complete the arm bar.

If they bend their arm with their hand pointing inferiorly, hug their arm at the elbow with your top arm grabbing the biceps of the opposite arm. This hand grabs their wrist for the reverse kimura. If they bend the arm with their hand pointing superiorly, shuck it past you and take their back.

If they attempt to stack, keep pressure on their shoulder to force the contralateral leg to extend, raising their hips more on this side. Open your guard and inset the hook on this side. Use the forearm on this side to lift under their chin as you elevate your hook and sweep them.

Next Matt covered the Russian tie, starting with using a shrug to lift their tie off your neck. Reach across with your opposite side hand to grab their wrist. Use the same side hand to under hand and grip the anterior deltoid, placing  pressure on their arm at the shoulder joint. If they are carrying your weight, release the wrist grip, undertook and grip the posterior deltoid. Free your other hand and grab their contralateral hip. Now step forward and guide them to the floor, pull slightly with your hip grip to pull their back toward you (placing them in a less defendable ground position).

If you can not break them down, fold their forearm toward them and figure four, lifting with your hips. Their reaction should be to push their arm downwards, again allowing you to guide them to the floor.

From the wrist grip and posterior axillary undertook, you can place your near foot behind their foot and as you push with the near forearm lift their foot to your opposite hand. Set up the single leg of your choice. If they step back to avoid the sweep, step forward and pull them to the mat. Alternatively sweep their opposite foot.

Lastly Adam ran through a trapping sequence off the jab cross. For the jab he did a split entry, that is catch and move the head to the outside while jabbing/eye poke/neck shot. Then cover the cross on the inside with a similar shot using your other hand. Roll the cover hand over their forearm and pass it across your body to your opposite hand, freeing your near hand for the uppercut to the jaw. Now fold their hand down with their elbow up to pull them close to allow your near hand tie their neck in a half Nelson. Knee, elbow, or throw as desired. 

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