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Kimura Trap Transition To Rear Mount

These are some notes on some work in progress. Your opponent is in four points and you are controlling the back from the side. Reach across and obtain a kimura trap on the far arm grabbing their wrist with your lateral hand and using your medial hand to underhook the forearm and grip your wrist, Briskly pull up making lifting their chest and twisting their torso.

If they do not defend their near hip, place your near hook and pull them to rear mount by placing your free hook in the space created by your kimura trap as you pull them laterally,

If they do defend their near hip by closing space and compressing this area, pull them laterally toward you by your kimura trap and place the near hook and then the far hook.

Once you have the rear mount you can either transition to straight arm bar or try to do a reverse Americana by bracing your elbow against the back of their head and pulling their wrist posteriorly.

You can also hook their near arm with your leg and you can roll your hip over their head as you pull them to crucifix

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