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JKD & BJJ Rock-Paper-Scissor Combination

Last night we worked a very tight flow useful for scoring points in sport jiu-jitsu:
  1. Scissor sweep
    Use cross collar gi control and same hand sleeve control, the cross collar side shin sits across the belt line while the other leg drops next to their sameside knee. Pull your opponent forward at a 45o angle while scissoring your legs to sweep them to the mounted position.
  2. Loop choke
    If your opponent bases to prevent the sweep, loop the collar forearm under their neck and slide your other arm over the back of their neck and under your elbow. Try to straighten the top arm through the hole between your antecubital fossa (elbow joint)and their neck, mean while lean as to pull the collar tighter that is toward the shoulder of the top arm. If they tap great, but they may simply roll, so take the 2 + 4 points (sweep and mount)
  3. "Judo chop" cross collar choke
    Should your opponent push the top elbow forward over their head they free themselves from the choke. Should this happen, off-angle away from the side that you have collar control, bite down with the leg, and "judo chop" their grabbing the fold of the kimono high on the shoulder. Drop your elbow down to loop under their neck and apply the cross collar choke, pull yourself up to them.
  4. Straight armbar
    Should they frame and create space to defend the choke, go immediately to a straight armbar.

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