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Oops...I won

Sorry I said I'd be back and post our results, but I started using my "blog time" to edit together a video of our team's fights. Originally I intended to post it, but we have a little over an hour of fight footage so that's not going to work. Anyway my guys, representing Team PAC did excellent. As a whole Team PAC went 8-2 taking home three World Classic Belts. Two of those were mine and my student Joe's. If you want a copy of the DVD drop me a line.

Team PAC victorious at the 2006 IKF WCT
Jeff "Half-Track" Serafin, Mike "Joker" Aref, Mark Diffley, Joe "Samurai" Zhu, Head Coach Ryan Blackorby
Jim "Dangerously" Daleiden, Dennis Ho, Matt "Love Simian" Sztelle

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