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JKD & BJJ/GJ Sleep when your dead

Vacillate. I like this word, I use it all the time, just not correctly apparently.

This was a full weekend, after being on call Friday night I went right to JKD and BJJ. We reviewed the Gun Turret position and added to it:
Single Leg Variation
Use your anterior leg to hook thier leg as you stand-up and pull back. Immediately take the shot.
Dive Bomber Sweep
From a tight "in the gun turret" position your opponent grabs the back of kimono and tires to pull you away. Use your free hand to grip their sleeve and then swing your posterior leg through as you five your head between their legs, trying to swing 360° through to your belly as you sweep them backwards.
Knee Bump
In the case where your opponent has passed your Koala Guard. They are sitting on one of your thighs, controlling your sleeve with their far hand. Regrab their sleeve and bump them forward with our top leg and quickly come on top.
Capoeira Koala Defense
This is actually a defense. Push on their shoulder with your free hand, as they try to so the single leg, swing the leg medially and up laterally over their head, while keeping space with your hands.
In Goshin Jitsu we worked on some striking rounds:
  1. Walking the Body
  2. Permutation Kick Combination
    Using kick combination #1 (lead kick-cross-hook-rear kick) we covered permutations of the kicking combination:
    1. Regular Same: Step out in the direction of the kick, then continue in that direction for the cross, hook and rear kick.
    2. Regular Opposite: Step out in the direction of the kick and then switch directions for the cross and hook, switching to their far side for the last kick.
    3. Switch Step Same: Use a reverse step, i.e. step with your kicking leg and then throw the kick, continue in this direction for the cross, hook and rear kick.
    4. Switch Step Opposite: Again start with the reverse step but switch directions on the cross and hook to get to the far side for the last kick.
    Thus you can not only find the "style" you are most comfortable with but also increase the number of variations on the same theme that you have.
  3. Shadowboxing/Pad Round Switch Off
    In this round we switched between shadowboxing and hitting pads, each time the holder could choose anyone and initiate the round with a reaction. This forces people to switch gears rapidly, experience different "energies", and stay a little more on their toes than they might be used to.
We also covered the arm drag to trapped arm guard flow:

The expanded  arm drag to trapped arm guard flow

It is important on the triangles to use all three dimensions to maximize the pressure on the neck. It is also important to realize that the SPiNE concept also comes into play, your opponent gets weaker and less able to defend the triangle the more you extend their head away from their COM. The closer to horizontal the line between your two COM becomes the stronger your triangle becomes relative to their ability to get out.

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