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  1. Midline (Belly) Guillotine
    This guillotine is set-up from the double wrist control, to ensure that you are close enough to jerk the head. Use one hand to jerk your opponent's head toward your midline, lay your abdomen on the occipital surface of their neck. Hook the other forearm under their chin (gently) chopping up. Pull up into the anterior surface of their neck while pushing down into the posterior surface of your head with your belly.

  2. G & P Defense to Figure 4 Arm Bar
    Your opponent is in your guard and throws a looping punch. Cover and simultaneously throw a face shot (palm heel, punch, eye jab). Wrap the punching arm, placing your forearm proximal to your opponent's elbow. Use the hand you struck with to put pressure on the shoulder, and form a figure 4. Their forearm should be trapped under your armpit. Use your "check hand" to hold their shoulder in place, as you elevate the forearm on the wrapping arm, placing pressure on the elbow joint. Thus your hand and armpit apply pressure inferiorly while the wrapping forearm applies pressure superiorly. If they roll their arm, switch to a straight sameside armbar using the the leg.

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