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BJJ: The Arm Drag

  1. The Arm Drag From Hooks Inside Guard
    Your opponent is attempting control both pant legs. Set-up a same side pistol grip of one sleeve. Free your hook and kick past your partner as you reach across with your free hand to cup the triceps and arm drag. As you do scoot your body to this side. Immediately try to place the center of your chest between the shoulder blades of your partner while locking the seatbelt grip. The hand that goes to the far side will reach under the far arm grabbing the opposite hand that comes in over the shoulder. Insert your other hook and attack the neck.
  2. Pulling to the Rear Mount
    You attempted to take the back but your opponent grabs your leg preventing you from being able to get to the rear mount. Scoot away and grab the iliac crest (the hip) on the far side and drag them to their side. Cross your ankles to lock one leg in place. Pull with your seatbelt grip or attack the neck to straighten them out. Place your second hook and re-attack the neck
  3. Calf Slicer
    You have performed the arm drag but cannot obtain rear mount control, turn towards your opponents legs, inserting your one hook between the calf and thigh of your opponent. Grab both feet and pull towards you, flattening or forcing your opponent to their back. Put your free foot on the medial side of your ankle and pull on the distal part of their leg (not the foot).

I am by no means a wrestler or judoka but I can on a good day make people fall down, here are some brief notes on low-line shots:
Shots work best when the other guy is thinking about something else, like punches or a different take down.
Aim to place your penetration step on the toe line of your opponent's lead foot.
Lower your level
In order move someone, you must in some fashion load their center of mass. By lowering your level you are able to deliver more of your kinetic energy below their center of mass, forcing them to move. Thus a low-line shot needs a drop in your center of mass without losing the solid posture required for a combat chassis.
Turn the Corner
Explosive shooting delivers a large amount of kinetic energy, in order to prevent a take down your opponent must expend a force opposite your own. So as soon as you are inside, turn the corner driving the force in a perpendicular angle against their weakest muscle groups.

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