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Drawing Triangles

Jack taught some triangle set-ups today.
The Belt Grab
Open your guard and reach over one of your partner's shoulders and grab their belt. Readjust your guard to be off center on this side. Hold them tight (they can escape by evading to the inside of your arm) and work on pushing their free hand (opposite the side you grabbed) inferiorly to set up the triangle.
The Kick
Your partner is controlling your lapels in the guard, use one foot to create space by pushing in the hip. The other knee comes over and medially, thrust your knee to their midline, driving the shin into their biceps. As they loosen thier grip, throw this leg for the triangle.
The Leg Catch
From the closed guard work the knees medially under your partner's arms and then laterally, place the feet on the hips and control the center line. Kick one leg just past your partner's head and the other just inferior to their opposite arm pit. Your ankles should cross somewhere behind their shoulder, grasping your partner. From here cinch and adjust your triangle.
I think the Belt Grab has some interesting applications for taking the back (when your partner tries to free themselves from the position) and for cinching them down (by underhooking the opposite side and grabbing your own hand/forearm in an inverse Garcia "seat belt" position).

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