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Mike's Mixed-Martial Arts Cardio Training Audio Download

I made these MP4 files a few years ago to assist me with doing Tabata protocol before we acquired our fancy timer. The first track is an introduction (which you should be hearing now) that describes the protocol and the different tracks. Essentially there are two five minute rounds composed of 10 "mini-rounds" of 20 second on and 10 second off cycles. Between each round there is a 30 second pause/break.

  1. Introduction
  2. Rounds with coaching and music intervals
    This track has both the buzzers, music for rest periods, and tells you what to do for the next round.
  3. Rounds (with music intervals but without coaching)
    This track drops the coaching allowing you to design your own work-out.
  4. Rounds (without coaching or music intervals)
    This track provides you with freedom from the corny music.

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