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May have to join Endorphins Anonymous

Today marks the first day of conditioning training for me. I actually did an upper body High-Intensity Training circuit today with the goal of a 7 second per repetition for 12 repetitions. My goal in lifting is to augment my combat sports training (such as it is at the moment) so I focus on quality biomechanical movement and I'll let the amount of weight worry about itself. Everything attempts to be a smooth motion without using the momentum of the weight to move.
ExerciseSet #1Set #2Set #3
Dumbell Bench40 x 1252.5 x 1150 x 8
Machine Flys70 x 1290 x 1290 x 12
Lat Pulldown90 x 12110 x 12110 x 12
Bentover Row70 x 1270 x 1270 x 12
Strangely my legs felt like jelly after the work-out indicating my lower extremities still have a long recuperation ahead of them and how globally fatiguing HIT workouts are. I did some pool exercises like "jumping" off the bottom of the pool. I also put in an hour on the bike (while watching a Bas Rutten instructional) and then did the mogul (shifting my weight from knee to knee) and step-ups.

I'm coming down from the endorphin high...and looking for my next fix

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