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GNP Drills

Coup de Grace
Using a standard boxing round at the end of a random combination drop the level of a focus mitt to mat level simulating a downed or injured opponent. The mitt should generally be placed somewhere that the momentum of the previous strike would have put an opponent and it helps to create a little distance as a stunned opponent rarely has the common decency to fall invitingly to the ground. The fighter can finish with an overhand lead or rear, hammer fist, or stomp.
Fall and Stand
Using a standard thai pad round, the command "fall" is randomly called. If the holder does not encroach the fighter should stand as quickly as possible. If they encroach with pads against their belly, the fighter kicks away and stand. If held perpendicularly at head height the fighter stands by throwing a head round kick and standing with the rotation.
Sidemount GNP
Stack two thai pads on top of one another, the fighter places their chest on the pads to simulate the sidemount. The fighters have numerous options, such as the hammer fist to the face, belly, or far lateral thigh. They can punch, essentially an upper cut to the face or body. Also available is the knee and downward elbows. Make them stand and immediately sprawl for variety.
GNP conditioning
Series of cross-hook-cross or pitterpat followed by sprawl and "horizontal skip knees" essentially mountain climbers without placing the foot nearest the face on the floor, simulating a knee. Spiderman with punches added for variety.

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