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Step Kick

Today's lesson was on the step kick.  Starting at jab range on the heavy bag, step laterally with the rear foot, circling the bag.  Your lead foot should step behind, becoming the rear foot.  Simultaneously a throw the kick with the (new) lead leg.  The idea is to move around your opponent, in an arc of 90° and at distance they cannot (easily) counter.

After throwing the kick, you can place the foot down in a new and opposite lead or retract the foot to your original lead.  Alternatively you can float the kicking foot laterally, toes pointed away from the target to throw a lead kick with the opposite leg.  Drive the knee high, then turn it over to throw the kick as your upper body rotates to throw the kick.  If you want to close for the elbow, drop the kicking foot close to the bag, in an extended stance.  Throw the rear elbow like a cross rotating your shoulder and elbow into the same line.

90 minutes of discovery on a kick that I've already "learned".  Obsession does not always equal madness.

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