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The Formula

I figured it out:

Speed(Relax, Posture, Footwork, Balance) ~ Power

Now I just have to solve it.

Shadowboxing: Don't jab then step, step then jab.  Transitions are from left lead to right lead stances, and I must be able to move anywhere and throw anything from each one.

Knee Laps: From the balls of the feet, take a half-step with the lead foot and rise off the ball of the foot to throw the knee.  The knee goes straight ahead, knee angled toward center (causing the foot to angle laterally), thrust the hips but keep the head over the base foot.  Arms turn like a steering wheel, the knee side forearm shielding the face.  Chest opens up (i.e. uncurl)

Tiip: Bring the rear foot to the lead foot. It should be flatfooted and the leg straight.  Bring the knee up, leg bent and as the leg extends thrust with the hip.  Keep chin tucked and the head remains over the base foot.  Recover forward one step with the same lead, or step back into the opposite lead.  If the bag is swing start the step at its apex away from me.  You can extend the arm on this side to push away an opponent after a missed tiip.

Tiip-Side Tiip: As above but recover to a straight legged nekoashi-dachi (cat stance) as the bag reaches its far apex, bring the knee high, and rotate on the base leg to throw the side tiip.  Arm extended on this side for defense.  You can train the speed of this technique by starting closer to the bag.

Tiip-Fake Tiip-Jab:  Throw the tiip.  Again at the far apex step rear foot to front and lift the front knee as if to kick, instead of extending, throw the jab-cross/cross hook.

Jab-Fake Jab-Tiip: Step and throw the jab.  Step back and again step forward faking the jab, now roll your weight onto your rear leg as it straightens.  Lift your lead knee, leg bent and thrust forward at the hips.  Recover backward or forward.

Tiip-Rear High Tiip:  Throw a tiip as above and recover to the step forward. Roll onto the lead leg, drive your rear knee high and thrust from the hips as the leg extends, open the chest.

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