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You don't have to push very hard, they're standing on one leg

Today I warmed up with three rounds of progressively faster:

  • 1-2
  • Right kick
  • Left kick
  • Alternating knees
  • Alternating tiip

First round was at my own pace, the second had at least 20 kicks and knees, and the third at least 30, in the same time interval.

Next we worked against the fighter who is attempting to close with a knee. That is, throwing the ranged knee to close, because that is either their style or you have shut down the game elsewhere. At first you read your opponent by check hand (simply extending your lead hand to push/guide them away as you step away), jab, and tiip. As they wear down, you work into landing your shots.

Throwing their left knee, you will typically evade to your left, and vice versa.

Lead evasion

Step your lead foot off 45° and your rear foot follows shifting but not changing your stance, simultaneously your lead hand checks, followed by a rear kick or cross. Alternatively, you can step and throw a diagonal downward  lead elbow, trying to cut the eye. Your hand will tuck to your ribs.

Rear evasion

Step your rear foot through to the 45°, bring you off line but not switching your stance, throw the downward diagonal elbow with your stepping leg. Alternatively, use this hand to check, and bring your lead foot back (switching to the alternative lead), to throw the kick with your new rear leg.

A final alternative is to catch the knee and sweep, again “circling” the knee (they knee left, you step left). In the direction you are circling, this hand will push on your opponent’s chest while the other underhooks their knee. You can throw a knee to their thigh, before sweeping them backward by pushing and lifting while placing your leg behind theirs.

I used the bag to work on this, giving it a shove or a kick to move and then as it swung back toward me to work on any of the above. I would try to push to hard, and the bag would push me aside. My coach, Ian, explained that this provoked set-up was for a fighter trying to knee you, they are standing on one leg, when they do this is when you check. This necessitates less physical force, to stop and place them at range.

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