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The Sadistic Relationship Between My Right Foot and I

Today my private muay thai lesson focused on range finding the leg kick using the pendulum action of the heavy bag.

  • Warm-Up Kicking Round: Alternating leg kicks, throw the kick, return to the “loaded” lead for this kick, then step backward to load the opposite side and kick. The idea is to have a relaxed and therefore rapid pattern of kicks, as these are leg kicks remained in the hunched position and bend the leg to lower the kick line
  • Warm-Up Punching Round: Jab-cross-hook in the upper line, then jab, shift the weight over the lead foot to lower the cross line, and finish with a body hook. It is important that the lead knee does not over rotate creating a target for a oblique kick to the lateral side of the knee. Keep the lead hand slightly more extended, thumb toward your, shortening the distance to the target (greater speed) without overextending and not defending the head.
  • Lead hand-rear leg kick: Throw a jab, lead hook, or jab-cross-lead hook followed by a rear leg kick, adjusting your stepping to allow the kick to be thrown and land effectively, depending on the changes in range due to the swinging of the bag.
  • Jab-lead leg shift cross-body hook-rear leg kick.
  • Lead tiip, rear leg kick, lead push, rear leg kick. Get the heavy bag swinging, as it come toward you meet it with the tiip. Hit with the flat of the foot to stop your opponent without sending them to far backward, the target would be just medial to the iliac crest trying to lock their leg out, the foot then drops anteriorly and laterally to allow the delivery to the follow-up leg kick. The push is an extension of the lead hand catching your opponent in the chest (e.g. when the bag swings back to you), followed immediately by the rear leg kick.
  • Lead step push, rear leg kick. Your opponent is attempting to clinch, extend your lead hand and step, pushing them to kick range, throw the rear kick.

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