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Hashtag something really tough...GRRRR

Warm-up combinations:

  • Jab-cross-double lead kick
  • Jab-cross-lead kick-rear kick
  • Jab-cross-rear kick-lead kick
  • Jab-cross-double rear kick

Pummeling set-ups

  • Stop the biceps of the overhook, arm wrench the underhook, throw an elbow to their head, catch the neck knee, guillotine
  • Knee, lift their leg, penetrate step and ipsilateral inside sweep, groin shot
  • Catch wrist (or redirect with pummeling hand) and pass to arm drag, step to the back while passing their arm further to the a “seatbelt” (contralateral wrist control from behind, ipsilateral control at the elbow). Step between their legs with your leg on the wrist control side and drop to your knee, dragging your opponent laterally to the mat.
  • Block their overhook, drive up with your underhook, step off 45°, lower your level and run them down with the double leg

Guard work against the posturing opponent

  • Your opponent postures with one hand wrapping your lapels at your solar plexus, you can break their grip by pulling your gi laterally like your flashing your opponent.
  • You can cross collar over their grip and then gi drag when they try to stand.
  • You can get a cross collar over their grip, make it deeper by propping on your free elbow, then sit back pulling them forward. Cross grip their posture arm sleeve. Prepare for the arm bar by placing the foot in the hip, if they lean forward to close the line, put your knee over their shoulder and triangle. Push way with your legs to set-up the armor.

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