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First Fall 2017 Ian Ransburg Dragon Leg Muay Thai Seminar


  • Jab: Rock step to rear foot, then lead foot, back to the rear. As you rock forward step (both feet) and jab.
  • Jab-Rear Knee: As with the jab above, after the jab rock to the rear foot and then as you rock forward, rise on the toes of the front foot, straighten the lead (base) leg, and deliver the rear knee. Point the knee to the midline, with the foot lateral. Return to your original stance.
  • Jab-Rear Knee-Rear Kick: As with the jab-rear knee above, rock to the rear foot, as your rock to the lead foot, straighten the lead leg, bring the knee of the rear leg up, pointing at your target, then flick the foot for the kick. Bring it through 180° to the same stance.

Jab Counters

If you play on the outside, you prune your opponent’s option, they have very few options to attack, e.g. the jab, tiip, possibly the kick.

  • Rearward Slip Cross: Catch-step back, catch-step back, rearward slip either just with your upper body or by stepping only the rear foot back. Return to upright (and return to regular stance) throw the cross.
  • Hook Catch to Elbow: Catch-step back, catch-step back, catch and pull the jab laterally, throw the elbow in an upward diagonal with the lead. If they are punching hard, you will be able to pull them into the elbow. If they are flicking the jab, you will have to step forward with the lead foot to land the elbow.
  • Catch to Lead Kick: Catch-step back, catch-step back, catch and simultaneously switch step to throw the lead kick to the abdomen. As they drop their hand to protect their side, deliver the head kick (sometimes waiting 1-2 rounds to do this).

Kick Defense

  • Blocking: Roll the rear foot heel to the mat as this leg extends, bring the lead leg up about 20° off midline to meet the lead elbow (which will fit outside the knee). Toes pointing at the floor. We also did this alternating kicks to the body and the head.
  • Catching: To catch the kick, step laterally with the kick, the arm on the side that is getting kicked reaches high and laterally as the other hand cross midline to protect the face. Wrap the kick tightly by sucking the arm up.
  • Catch to Leg Sweep: Once you have the leg caught, you can sweep the base leg. If they are leaning it is simple just to kick the leg out low between the calf and the foot. If they are standing up, then use your free hand to push as you sweep the leg.

Knee Counters

A drill to practice knee range: Have your partner put one glove on their abdomen and the other on your shoulder. From here throw the knee to touch your  partner’s glove and work on hip extension/thrusting of the knee.

When you clinch for knees with your partner, grab behind the neck with your lead hand (which your partner will mirror) and grab their cubital fossa with your rear hand. Place your forehead on their shoulder (not ear-to-ear!).

  • Knee for Knee: Throw the rear knee, they counter with their rear knee, throw the lead knee, they counter with their lead knee, rinse and repeat.
  • Snap Down to Body (or Head) Knee: Throw the rear knee, they counter, throw the lead knee, drop step the lead knee back, snapping their head down, throw a straight knee to the (body) or head.
  • Knee to Dump: This is a Thai-style sukui-nage. Throw the rear knee, they counter, throw the lead knee, step this leg behind their leg almost creating a seat for them with your thigh. Keep control of the neck from behind, and place your front hand on their far hip (to prevent them turning back into you. Rise on your toes and bend the knee of the leg between their legs as you look over your shoulder to throw them.

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