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High single to knee tap

Notes on the high single:

  • Head up listening to the chest, legs square - think dead lift or squat with a slight lean.
  • The initial grip on the leg: lateral arm goes underneath the leg and is palm down, the medial hand is palm up.
  • To bring the leg up, drop your far leg back and the medial hand grabs the heel. Bring the leg up and guillotine it. To make him light on his base leg you want to guillotine at the ankle where the sock line would be, and lift. You can also punch up at the cubital fossa.
  • Pass to the side mount by putting them in a fetal position.

If they whizzer you by overlooking and grabbing the inside of their thigh, bringing their leg to the outside, switch to the knee tap. Underhook and punch up as you step around the near leg, loading them on their far leg. As you pressure forward tap the lateral side of the far leg with your free hand. The punch literally acts a wedge to tilt them onto one leg which you briefly block to let them fall.

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