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GJ Champions love conditioning, losers quit

Started early with Derrick, Dan, and Jeff warmed up with
  • J-C-LH-C
  • J-H-C-H
  • J-O-LU-O
  • 4 count #1: LK-C-LH-RK
  • 4 count #2: RK-LH-C-LK
  • 4 count #3: LK-C-LH-LK
  • 4 count #4: RK-LH-C-RK
Then went into 12 x 5 min rounds of grappling. Good guillotine finished by opening guard and putting one foot in (chokeside?) hip. Jeff and Dan finished with 3 x 5 min Tabata protocol rounds on the G & P bag, throw dummy, and Thai pads (pitterpat, CH, kicks, knees, head knees, head kick sprawl). After these fights I'm not holding pads for a month. Regular practice started warming up while the conditioning was finished.
Started with focus mitts
  1. Proper vs. improper level changesLevels
    Low line (body) shots are delivered by bending the knees to both dynamically load the punch but to also prevent getting drilled in the head as you switch lines. Tuck the focus mitt inside the belly pad to reduce the body shot impact:
    • "1": Jab
    • "2": Jab-Cross
    • "1 Body": Body Jab
    • "2 Body": Jab-Body Cross
  2. Checking our guard
    Using the same combinations we now remind our partner that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, for jab and cross the hand goes from the head to the target back to the head. The "pillar" is set, minimizing the exposed target area. Failure to do so earns a quick focus mitt slap. The senior students added
    • "3 Body": Jab-Cross-Lead Body Hook
    • "4 Body": Jab-Body Cross-Uppercut (use the elevation from the body cross to add to the uppercut)
  3. Reaction
    One of the most demoralizing things to happen to a fighter is after each great combination they launch they get an onslaught right back -- this is reaction. They attack, you react. You attack, they react, you react. Think of it as the ultimate in the last word. No matter if I'm knocked out, I will throw my reaction (before falling to the canvas). The cover comes high to protect the head as you encroach to lessen the "sweet spot" impact/No-Man's Land effect
    • "High Cover 3": Lead cover the cross-Cross-Lead Hook-Cross
    • "Side Cover 3": Rear cover the lead hook-Cross-Lead Hook-Cross
    The senior students added:
    • "3 Body Cross": Jab-Cross-Lead Body Hook-Cross
    • "4 Body Cross": Jab-Body Cross-Uppercut-Cross
  4. Conditioning
    The key to conditioning is not only improving your level of fitness but never showing you're tired or in pain. On the inside you may be a quaking puddle of fearful mush but on the outside you are serene Buddha-like fighting machine. 30 seconds of:
    • Pitterpat
    • Squats
    • Bob and weave
    • Pitterpat
    • Sit down and stand up
    • Pitterpat
Next we transitioned into knees with minute drills:
  • Skip knees on wall
  • (Light) skip knees to partner's abdomen
  • Pendulum on wall
  • Pendulum with curve knees on wall
  • Light curve knees to partner's abdomen
  • Knee to chest on wall
We followed up with body control
  • Thai clinch (plum)
    Hands pull forming two hooks over the neck or head while forearms push into clavicles. Step one foot up next to their foot, other foot rotates back approximately 180o, reposition by hip movement assisted by twisting head.
  • Side thai clinch
    From plum partner tries to weave inside, shoot overhook on this side and trace other hand over their head, forming the "praying mantis hook" on their neck. Circle far foot back approximately 90o as you pull their head down.
  • Posterior side clinch
    Partner has (loose) plum. Pop their elbow up and trace your head down the inside of their triceps and under, pop head up on the outside, and make a pivot so that you belly button points toward their hip. Form a wrestlers grip on the far side at their floating ribs (with or without the far arm trapped) and perform the "combat chiropractor" breaking their posture laterally.
  • Over-under (50-50)
    One underhook, one over hook. Pop the underhook up, create space, and throw curve knee to this side, then drop low to hips, closing space, and "combat chiropractor" them backwards.
  • Double underhooks
    Pop underhooks high, clasping hands behind skull, work open low line with knees. Pop underhook grip to hips, close space, and "combat chiropractor" them backwards.
We finished with some "dancing", 1 minute each of
  • Pendulum
  • Squats
  • 5 push-ups 10 second hold
  • Skiing
  • Mountain climbers
  • Running in place (last 20 secs with high knees)
  • Spider-man
  • Sprawls (running in place for juniors)
I wrestled four more 5 minute rounds after practice.

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