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JKD & BJJ Methods to Asphyxiate Your Foes

JKD worked on improving kicking coordination with
  • Rear oblique kick-shuffle kick-Thai kick
  • Parry jab-rear oblique kick-rear oblique kick
  • Parry jab-rear oblique kick-lead oblique kick
  • Parry jab-rear oblique kick-lead savate kick
On the savate kick, the kick enters at 50% going directly upward (this is achieved by pointing the hip at the target) and exits at 100% as if it were a round house kick. The toe is used, since savate uses the shoe, hitting specific targets -- neck, kidney, solar plexus, femoral nerve, etc. The foot is used as a jab striking in rapidly and in multiples.
BJJ reviewed jumping to the guard and I tried the flying arm bar from triceps control with same side lapel control. We also drilled "pummeling" after jumping to the guard. We then worked into gi chokes:
The 'dimensions' of the cross collar chokeCross collar from guard
  1. Insert hands as deep as possible into the collar "make your index fingers touch". It helps to "open" the kimono and insert the second hand under the first.
  2. Wrist curl toward you.
  3. Wrist flair laterally and pull laterally.
  4. Use lats to pull (row) your partner, either pulling them to you or you to them.
  5. Do a "crunch" pulling in with legs.

"Karate chop" choke
Insert one hand deep thumb toward neck. Pivot to opposite side of hand keep pushing leg tight to partner's side, other leg overhooks back. "Chop" the side of the neck and grab fold of kimono. Return to closed guard and choke. If they push, take armbar.
Loop choke
Looser cross collar control, hook forearm across neck and slide other arm over back of neck placing hand and wrist under biceps. Lean toward over arm side. If the roll, get sweep and mount. If they push off the overarm elbow, switch to cross collar. This is a good technique for scoring a quick advantage.
Defense of chokes are "secret" techniques because the best defense is to not be put in the position/submission, at that point you've already made one (or more) mistake(s). The best defense for anything is not to be there! For the kimono chokes, never let your opponent have control of both lapels. However if they do get the choke sunk, push of their chest and look to the ceiling, while inserting on hand on the top hand side weaving over the bottom hand and under the top hand. Place hand on ear, keep fingers as far away from the bone breaking leverage of the choke.

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