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Supplemental "Underhooks save your life man!"

Did a few MMA rounds with Derrick, Jeff, and Jim today with the gracious loan of part of the mat by Illini Judo. An interesting observation and discussion occurred today from Jeff, that of the takedown and defense in MMA. When we perform a takedown in MMA it is typically set up by strikes. With a less experienced fighter or poor wrestler, the strikes and shot can be straight in. With more experienced fighters this tactic fails, thus to increase our chance of takedown, the CorkscrewTM becomes a more effective method of setting up the shot.
Same Lead Corkscrew
Lead Switch Corkscrew
In general this Corkscrew is easier if (a) your opponent is the same lead as you and/or (b) you can shoot of your current lead kneeFor this Corkscrew it is higher yield if you are in the opposite lead to your opponent and/or (b) you prefer to shoot off your rear knee
Remember that we can shoot off an angle but we cannot shoot at an angle. Defensively, your reaction is also important, if you cover and close distance it is easier for your opponent to take you down. If you defend by evading at the angle, using the Checkmark, it will be more difficult for your opponent to set-up their shot. In addition, by pressing the action and advancing it makes it difficult for your opponent to shoot, they have to stop their retreating motion first. Active defense of the shot is a progression starting with a
  1. sprawl
  2. underhook control for guillotine/kimura/counter throw
  3. using the shot's momentum for a body heave
The cage or ropes change the offense and defense of takedowns. If we want to takedown, it is more efficient to obtain underhook control and then push to the wall, then use the wall for our takedown. It would be less efficient to start the takedown away from the wall and have the motion of the takedown intersect with the wall, unless you are a high level wrestler. From the underhook position the diaphragm obstruction pressure of the shoulder can be levered into the wall. In defense, using the increased levrage provided by the cage or ropes a single underhook can defeat a takedown while providing free punches to the head.

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