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GJ Breaking Technique

My weekend with Blauer Tactical coupled with some slightly fridgid temperatures in the Bugeishako has inspired some MMA drilling ideas. But first for warm-up we alternated sets of five push-ups with our dynamic stretching routine. We then transitioned into throwing thai kicks and having our partner catch them. The kicker retracts their foot and does a backfall followed by a Frank Shamrock stand-up. For abdominal warm up we did palm strikes from the crunch and cut elbows from crunches to the pads. We followed that with some shadow boxing. Now thoroughly warmed-up we did some drills:
Off a J-C-LH-C combination defender called "in" for clinch and "out" for creating distance. The attacker had to retain their combination and then adapt their motion to the call. It is necessary to plan, but it is also necessary to read cues and spontaneously react to the situation. Here we force either closing or opening the range following the combination.
Following J-LH-C-LH react to a fall or sprawl and return to your feet. The objective is to teach the rapid fight reaction necessary to switch from one game ("striking") to another ("wrestling").
Alternating 4 count kick ranges
This was the standard four count kick combos but your partner switched up the distances either stepping closer or opening the distance, forcing range adjustments to the first or final thai kick
In this drill we used the first three techniques of the same four count (i.e. LK-C-LH or RK-LH-C) and then inserted another technique at the end e.g. either kick or knee, a hook, cross, overhand, or uppercut. This is a way of developing "gamemanship" taking a simple combination and building a method of landing shots using similar combinations.
Needless to say in all these, technique breaks down perhaps because it simulates the ever changing variability of a round.
Next we worked on submission wrestling grips:
"Judo" Gene Lebell slap grab
Throw the gripped forearm from one hand to the other, setting up inside and outside lines. See "Gene LeBell's Grappling World, The Encyclopedia of Finishing Holds (2nd Expanded Edition)" (Gene Lebell)
Arm drag
Reach with your opposite hand to cup the triceps and pull. You can pull and sit a lá Marcelo Garcia, pull to side clinch, pull to the back, or pull to double leg.
I got this from "Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Grappling Techniques (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu series)" (Royler Gracie, Kid Peligro). Double wrist control and pull to the mat this should extend the back but make them bend over. You are trying to access the ankle. If they jerk up and away you can shoot the low single. If they keep the hand there you can scoop the forearm and ankle together into the low single.
Judo tie-up
One hand posterior to neck the opposite superior to elbow. Opponent ties up equally. Elevate elbow grip side laterally and duck under.
Steering wheel
Control biceps from inside. Set-up double leg.
Over-under (50-50)
Pummel to double unders.

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