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GJ "Deathmatch? Sure...Aztec or Mayan rules"

Today's title has nothing to do with this entry but was just something funny that my friend Dan said in practice the other day. A few brief notes on some drills I did this week:
Half-guard underhook pummel
Put your partner in half-guard, work on the top and bottom player alternately "swimming through" and getting the underhook on the side controlling the top players leg, i.e. the half-guard side.
Half-guard underhook sweep
Put your partner in half-guard, with the top player having the underhook on the "half-guard side". Bottom player "swims through" to half-guard, shucks the overhook and comes to knees. The sweep is done by reaching through to the far knee and calf and pushing through to the top position within either half-guard of the new bottom player. The new top player works for the underhook.
Partner leg press
From your guard your partner stands, control their wrists and put your feet in their hips. Lift them so that their torso is parallel with the floor. You are attempting to improve your strength and kinesthetic sense.
Scoop under
This attribute drills works on developing the getting underneath your partner from the guard. Put your shins medial to your partner's thighs. Get double underhook control and clasp your hands in a strong grip (no thumbs). Use your arms to pull and legs to lift while simultaneously rounding your body to pull your partner on top of you. You should be able to "float" them above you in this position.

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