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This past weekend I went to the Blauer Tactical Personal Defense Readiness Instructor Development Seminar in Montreal, Canada. It was a thoroughly entertaining and educational time in which we covered the first few seconds of a street ambush in both concept and design as well as how to access the tools that I've been training for years. However, it was also much more than this as we discussed not only the physical but the psychological and emotional components of self-defense. Much of the material we covered was very applicable to combat sports both as a fighter and a coach but also applicable to the philosophy of one's approach to daily life. The coaching staff between Tony Blauer, Tony Torres, Tom Arcuri, and Marc Joseph were all very open and willing teachers. Plus I met a lot of TMA instructors looking to expand their self-defense skills.
The key for me this weekend was the message that
  1. "Good information does not replace good information" (Tony Blauer) rather good information enhances good information
  2. In self-defense/fighting, things are not right or wrong rather they are more or less desirable.
The PDR seminar offers a new, evidence-based, evolving system not a technique oriented style. It provides tools for empowering your students not only physically but psychologically and emotionally. It's also a great way to feel both information overload and yet feel totally pumped. I look forward to completing my certification requirements and integrating the PDR fundamentals into my own and my club's training.
Group shot from Personal Defense Readiness Seminar #13
Tony Blauer stands in the center of PDR #13. Tony Torres is on the far right. Your faithful scribe's head is just to the right of Mr. Blauer's in the back row.
Today I trained with Bart, Jeff and Matt at the Bugeishako. We talked a lot about both the Megaton and PDR seminars that each of us had attended. We then did a little shadowboxing followed by 4 count kicking combinations building up 1-5 kicks on each combo. We then used the emotional climate training (ECT) formula and applied to the jab. Me I know the jab. I live the jab and I even I feel like I get an extra 1/2 second to pick it up with ECT. And an extra 1/2 second is a long time for me to do a lot of stuff in. We finished with some tag team grappling rounds, due to the space and hazard conditions of the Bugeishako.

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