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Making Weight

Another Goshin Jitsu yarn (taken verbatim):

This happened back when Seth (the master of hungover/drunk practices) was training with us. Bart and Tony were for some reason arguing about Tonys' weight. Tony was saying that he's only 200lbs and Bart was arguing that there is no way he's that light. Eventually they settled on a bet, if tony is the weight he says he is then Bart has to do pushups (around 40 i believe) and if Tony is off by more then 1lbs then Tony has to do those pushups. Well Tony, Bart and Seth went into the locker room to see how much Tony actually weighs. A few minutes later they come and Bart and Seth are laughing and Tony, ashamed, begins doing the pushups (he weighed in at almost 215). Around 20 or 30 pushups tony is almost dead and his pushups look more like he's making sweet love to the mat. At this point as we're all watching and laughing, Seth says, "do you guys think that me putting my foot on the scale could have had anything to do with Tony weighing so much?" As we all broke out in histarical laughter, Tony got a very confused look on his face.

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Bart said...

Thinking of this incident never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

Seth was able to do this for two reasons: 1) After we make our bet (40 push ups), there must have been 10 guys filing into the locker room witness the weigh-in. We were all tightly crowded around the scale so Tony could not figure out what Seth was doing; and 2) Tony is perfect fodder.

The booming laughter that echoed through the locker room to the combat area once Tony went well over 200lbs were only eclipsed once Seth let us in on his shenanigans.

Good times...