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Working harder than the other guy

Victory, simply put, involves doing more of the right things than everyone else. Thus you have to train smarter, harder, better, more efficiently and more relaxed than they other guy. This means developing increasingly demanding work outs, not only physically but psychologically and cognitively. Your training has to be hard but applicably so.

It is an almost definitive axiom that under stress we fall back on what we are most comfortable, that is "we fight the way we train". As we tire (or think we tire) we begin to regress, that beautiful 3- and 4-count combinations deteriorate into one or two strikes. We try to "save" something for the next phase of the engagement, but our savings are not an investment but rather a fear that we won't have anything later for a hypothetical future.

To that extent I'm making my guys do more cognitively and technically demanding combinations. In this way I hope to produce 3- and 4- count combinations while fighting as well as to tune technical skills and the "fight computer". Combinations that I have been working are:

  • Three cross hook cross: Jab-cross-lead hook-cross-lead hook-cross
  • Reverse three hook cross hook: Jab-lead hook-cross-lead hook-cross-lead hook
  • Corkscrew 12: Jab-cross (stepping)-lead hook-body cross-lead upper cut-cross-lead hook-cross
  • Reverse corkscrew 12: Jab-lead hook (stepping)-body cross-lead upper cut-cross-lead hook-cross
  • 12 body head: jab-cross-lead body hook-lead head hook-body cross-lead upper cut-cross-lead hook-cross
  • High / side / leg cover 7: (cover as appropriate)-cross-lead hook-body cross-lead upper cut-cross-lead hook-cross

In order to throw a 16 punch combination just string one of the first couple to the last one.


Anonymous said...

hmmm... do i have to stop calling you a jackass if, now that i've taken up a sport, i suddenly find your training blog insanely insightful and useful?

Mike Aref said...

Nope. And thank you.