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Blackorby Muay Thai Fight Camp II "I love to go into the third round and win"

We headed over to Peoria yesterday to the new Peoria Athletic Club at the Riverplex (which is WAY to nice a place for me and my sociopathic children to train at -- they have pretty girls that sell smoothies!). We started with a light warm-up skipping rope and shadowboxing. We then started practice with 6 rounds of sparring, 2 with each partner.
Our next we focused on knees, starting with shadowboxing focusing on knees, either extending horizontally or clipping our shoulder. We then worked a knee flow tying up in plum throwing three knees, transitioning to side Thai clinch with three knees, and back to plum. Always keep neck control, flowing from one side to the middle to the other. We then used this in a three man drill, the fighter worked hard knees on the pads with one partner or did knee play with other.
We conditioned with interval sprints (basketball court back and forth) and combinations. First we did alternating four count kick combinations, both sides with pads. After 5-7 of ONE four count we did a set of sprints, and then went to the next. Then one side gloved up and did interval sprints with sets of:
  • Jab-Kick
  • 2-Kick
  • Kick-Cross
  • Three kicks each side
  • Continuous four count kick combination down and back on the court
We then did 9 more rounds of sparring. We then did some final drills:
  • Kick for kick
  • High tiip for high tiip
  • Knee play

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