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GJ Fight Cooking

I started an hour early with Jeff we worked 10 minute rounds of four count kick combinations followed by high tiip-kick combinations. Jeff then held four rounds of interrupted pad rounds in which the holder calls a combination but then occasionally and throws a reaction in the middle of the combination. The fighter defends and goes immediately to their reaction. This is a high level (I say pompously) way of simulating the clusterf#c% that can occur when to fighters meet and trade.
We warmed up the regular practice when some action-reaction combinations:
  1. Jab action reaction
    • A: Jab
    • B: Catch-2
    • A: Catch-high cover-3
    • B: Cover-cover-cover
  2. Jab kick action reaction
    • A: Jab-kick
    • B: Catch-leg cover-thai (C-H-Kick)
    • A: Cover-cover-leg cover (depending on height of kick), advanced can consider catch, cut or evade
  3. Kick cross action reaction
    • A: Kick-cross
    • B: Leg cover-high cover-thai (C-H-Kick)
    • A: Cover-cover-leg cover (depending on height of kick), return kick
    • B: Leg defense of appropriate skill level
The point here is to treat these drills not as gospel but as ingredients from which you create your own fight recipe. All technique is a cookbook you have to make what benefits you and gives you the greatest enjoyment. Never think that this is the only way of doing it. As coaches we serve as guideposts but in the end what you take from a drill and make your own is what makes you improve.
We then transitioned into some attribute enhancing drills:
  1. Low Close Corkscrew
    Your partner advances throwing J-C. Change level and step forward on the 45o angle throwing a front or rear body hook, pivot to face your partner. New folks can just have their partner advance without throwing punches.
  2. Kick Catching
    Your partner will throw a slow kick to your midsection. Catch the kick and pull gently allowing them to rotate on the ball of their foot, then push them off giving them the elastic collision of the kick. Then kick them and they will do the same for you.
For pad rounds we did
  1. Thai warm-up
    I did this but added a tiip after each combination.
  2. Body kick evasion to head kick
    Base on the fight camp we added the body evasion to head kick.
  3. Leg evasion reaction
    We also added the leg evasion and reaction with C-H-C.
  4. Conditioning
    Like last practice: 1-2-3 mat shuttles, 30 sec of pitter pat, four count kick combinations with sprawls, sprint for last 30 seconds.
Fighters had the added joy of doing all their pad work with headgear and shin pads on.

We then did approximately 25 minutes of timing rounds.

We finished with some damnably hellacious 6.5 minute conditioning training from Jeff:
  • 30 sec pitter
  • 5 push-ups and hold for 10 seconds x 3
  • Pitterpat to round out 1:30 (roughly 20-25 seconds)
  • Interval sprints for 1:30
  • 30 sec pitter
  • 30 sec jumper squat sprawls
  • 30 sec pitter
  • 5 push-ups and hold for 10 seconds x 3
  • Interval sprints for 1:30
My opponents need to know four things
  1. This is my house.
  2. This is my ring.
  3. This is my belt.
  4. And you're my b!tch for the next 8 minutes.

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