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1st GJ MT Fightcamp Day #1 "Shin to Win"

Warm-up -- Dictated shadowboxing

  1. Jab-knee
  2. Jab-cross-knee
  3. Jab-cross-hook-knee
  4. Jab-cross-hook-cross-knee
    "Shield" -- Leg cover lead leg
    "Cover" -- Hook cover

Elbow combinations

  • Lead hook-rear snap elbow-kick-cross
  • Clear jab-straight elbow (slick your hair back and drive forward with elbow)
  • Knee to medial thigh, tight half turn, opposite curve knee to kidney


  • Knee defense: As opponent knees shove his hips back, and duck out
  • Avoid leg kick, opposite kick to head
  • Soft leg cover with simultaneous cross-hook-kick
  • Squat into kick, letting it "roll" on thigh, simultaneous cross
  • Tiip defense: Step to the outside of the kick, tap with near hand return kick, knee, punch or elbow
  • Spinning back fist -- close distance and punch, open distance, or tiip to butt

  • Biomechanics Combo
    Rear kick-cover kick to lead-rear kick-avoid kick to lead leg-lead kick-lead knee-cross-hook-rear kick

  • Side clinch knee combo
    Catch jab-parry cross-cover hook and clinch lead hand on neck rear hand on bicep-lead knee-pop arm over head with rear elbow wing-lead knee-push to punch range-cross-hook-rear kick

  • Combining the above two into one drill

Dictated thai pads

  1. Jab-kick
  2. Jab-cross-kick
  3. Jab-cross-hook-kick
  4. Jab-cross-hook-cross-kick
    "Hard Cross"
    "Hard Lead/Rear Kick"

Four person drills: switching between three stations

  • Thai pads

    Kick combo #1
    Lead kick-cross-hook-rear kick
    Kick combo #2
    Rear kick-hook-cross-lead kick

  • Focus mitts

    Catch jab
    Parry cross
    Cover hook

  • Param/clinch with "knee play"

Technical Development

  • Reaction drill
    Sit down stand-up

  • Kicking
    Pivot on the ball of your foot and get full rotation. Try using a piece of paper under your foot to get freer rotation. Try shadow kicking, and spinning when you kick. Pivoting on the ball of your foot is important to protect your knee and to generate more power.

  • Punching
    Get full extension using the entire length of your arms. The cross needs a hip pivot and a twist. The shoulder protects the chin and punch from the floor using the legs to power the punch.

  • Use angles and opposite strikes (e.g. lead hook-rear kick) catch opponents within combination.

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