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GJ Outside vs. Inside

Inside versus outsideMy simple thoughts on "outside" and "inside". The outside (line) region is the two areas lateral to your partner's shoulders. Inside region is the area medial to your partner's shoulders. Outside control is hands controlling from the outside region and inside control is hands controlling from the inside region. Outside control is slipping to body hook/head hook, a thai side clinch, whizzer position, or side mount while inside control is the straight blast, plum position, double underhook position, or full mount.

Only a few of us at practice we had a nice light workout.

Warm-up: 2 min rounds of the prison riot drill, jump squat sprawl pyramid push-ups to 5 then pummeling, shadowboxing, side rolls using the wall followed by forward rolls.

Thai pads: 2 min rounds x 2 using the "punch mitts"

  • J-C (thai pads) elbow-elbow (to own punch mitts)
  • J-Straight elbow (thai pads) elbow (punch mitts)
  • J-Straight knee (thai pads) head knee (punch mitts)
  • J-C-Straight knee (thai pads) head knee (punch mitts)
  • Kick to knees, three skip knees (thai pads) head knee (punch mitts)
  • "Knee" combinations (knee-elbow-elbow on pads head knee mitts)

6 rounds of the "Pinnochio Stance" lead hand is extended while rear hand cover in order to clinch head. Partner throws punches and clinch off this position.

  • Evades to outside of extended hand attach with outside thai clinch to plum
  • Evades to inside of extended hand attach with extended hand and then attack with other hand
  • Throwing punches use rear hand defense to set up insertion.

Everyone did tag-team knee play!

Arm bar vs. taking the back set-up:

  • Same side wrist, cross hand at elbow
  • Arm drag to forearm under armpit, secure triceps
  • Cross hand wraps from underneath, secure triceps

Depending on how deeply the arm is secured control can be inside or outside. Now we can transition from one region of control to the other, alternating between the arm bar and taking the back. A flower sweep can be added for kicks. Thus after getting the grip, we can keep going in that direction to take the back, grabbing the opposite lat and opening the guard. The cross hand arm can be used to slice under the same side thigh and be used to lift for the sweep. Alternatively, after securing the grip, we can move in the opposite direction and secure the arm bar or if opponent resists we can go back to the sweep.

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