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JKD & BJJ "Count to 10"

Today we reviewed the double leg set-ups out of hubud, namely the under hand elbow pass, the arm drag, and from neck control following lop sao pok sao.

We also worked the defending the shot by putting the forearm in stiffly and going to knees.

On the ground we covered four techniques:

Outside straight arm bar to taking the back
From inside the guard, your opponent wraps your head, you slide out to this side, put your foot on his hip and roll your knee on top his triceps muscle. Using your arms to scoop the elbow and applying pressure with your head at his wrist apply the straight arm bar. Should this fail, immediately pass the arm by and take the back.
Cross collar choke
Open the collar, insert the first hand deep, such that the lateral side of the hand proximal to the thumb is tight against the posterior quarter of the neck. The curve of the neck should match the curve of the hand and wrist. The second hand inserts under the first arm on the opposite as deep as possible. Pull the arms straight back (as if doing a row) either breaking opponent's posture or pulling yourself to him. Hold for a count of 10 or the submission. At the end of the choke, the arms can be flared a little for more pressure.
"Judo chop" variation.
A second set-up for the choke, control same first hand position and same side arm. Pivot sideways as if going for arm bar, but then "judo chop" the opposite side of the neck with the arm control hand. Grab the fold of the kimono (overhand grip) and pivot back, using the same pulling motion to sink the choke.
Rodin's Thinker choke defense
As opponent controls both lapels, maintain good posture, butt on heels, arms controlling and pushing down, while looking up. Insert top hand side arm, over lower arm and under top hand arm, placing hand on head and elbow in opponent's hip -- emulating a jiu-jitsu Rodin's Thinker.

Drilled some holding posture in the guard, did a few rounds with the kimono, and then trained some MMA timing.

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