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JKD & BJJ Day late, dollar short

It's been a slow (training) week with fights last Saturday and Fall Break at the University. I forgot to jot my notes down on practice yesterday:

We warmed up with some movement, J, JC, JCH, JCHC, quarter sprawls (think alternating long lunges, same side hand to floor), and head movement.

We worked kicking interceptions off the jab, cross, and hook. Personally I think it is really difficult to intercept jabs with kicks, except for tiip or shuffle kicks. Picked up the jab with elbow destruction.

Also worked some (foam) stick sparring and then worked into neck play.

For the BJJ we did a bit of drilling

  • Shooting practice -- lower level, replace your butt with your head (at least level-wise), strong drive up and in, then push and change direction 90o. All of which is totally useless without a good set-up.
  • Falling arm bar. Control elbow of kimono, put foot in opposite hip and sit to this side, other leg hooks over to finish armbar. Foot stays in hip. To defend, drop down and leave armbar knee side up while pulling elbow in tight.
  • Side mount escape #1 (poor hip control) -- Bridge into opponent and move hips laterally away, shrimp to guard. Use arms, in good defensive position to push.
  • Side mount escape #2 (poor head control) -- Bridge into opponent and move hips laterally away, coming to four points, attack leg to put opponent on back.
  • Side mount escape #3 (good head/hip control) -- Insert far forearm in neck to create space, widen space with near arm in neck, bridge away and roll over far shoulder, opponent follows so fall into guard.
  • Kimurasit-ups
  • Alternating arm bars

Did a "few" rounds in anticipation of C3 next week.

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