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GJ "The Thursday After"

Warm-up was approximately 100 squats, sit-ups/leg raises, and 20 dive bomber and 20 regular push-ups.

Did 2 x 3 min of the Dean's warm-up shadow boxing.

Worked on throwing long, well extended jabs and crosses, by throwing from 1/2 step outside tiip range. Then started entering with the cross and leaving with the Checkmark. That is straight leaving at the 45o angles. Advanced guys threw CHC or CUC combinations.

Transitioned into angles -- angled 45o off jab or cross, throwing shovel hook - body hook - cross / lead hook / kick. Or entering with thai kick or knee followed by body hook - cross / lead hook.

Did 3 x 3 min on thai pads with the body mechanics combos from this past weekend.

Finished up with throws and takedowns. Using a thai entrance off a wide punch we can set up a side or frontal ogoshi. In general, taller people hook the head and smaller people do the Zerlentes' maneuver and make a scooping motion at the hip line. Next we used the rolling kick defense where the kick deflects off the hip to pick up the shin, a shot can be taken directly from here or the leg can be hooked and a front hip bump / leg sweep. Passing the kick results in a mostly or fully turned opponent, leading to the rear double. Lastly, JC-Lead knee-skip knees-same side outside leg hook. Countered with reaping the leg and turning in the opposite direction.

Worked a round apiece with Jeff and Derek. Shot INTO and through Derek's side kick, although my face hurts now. Saw Matt's set up for the Fireman's -- he uses the transition from under to overhook as his opening a drops to both knees and throws over the head.

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