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JKD & BJJ Highly Dextrous Kali

Warmed up paunatuken (three count drills) using the jab and cross. Progressed into some light sparring with light knees and elbows once we clinched.

Andy and I worked on some more advanced stickwork. First we covered palisut (ice pick grip):

  • Pick up an angle 1 thrust and sweep down and across body
  • Check elbow and thrust to kidneys
  • Partner checks with free hand and feeds angle 2 thrust
  • Forearm check and upward backhand knife slash to wrist
  • Return angle 1 thrust
  • Partner outside sweep check, clear hand be ready for angle 1 from the top
    We are supposed to pick up disarms from this drill, I need to work on them before I can verbalize them.

Double stick passing with three returned strikes

  • Start open and pass angle 1
  • Return jab and retract into closed.
  • Left forehand, right back hand, left backhand redondo. Still closed.
  • Pass angle 2. Feed right forward and go closed. Left back hand, right backhand redondo. Go to open.
    Needs A LOT of work

Double stick sumbrada, need to work on insertion points for breaking the rhythm

  • Pass angle one and feed backhand, return to the beginning of the pattern.
  • Rather than feeding angle 5 thrust, feed angle 1.
  • Rather than feeding angle 1, abiniko to angle 2, make sure to get all the way around and not just place stick in your partner's immediate FOV.

I was strongly considering going to compete in Indiana this weekend, but my knees took a serious beating this weekend with people trying to bend them in the non-flexion direction. I don't have the stability or flexion I'd like to train let alone, so I'll probably give it a pass.

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