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Foul is the Smell of Victory

The smell of victory is foul because it is earned with blood, sweat and tears. Equipment gains an unholy odor and hardcore training is honored by a prodigous funk. The more you sweat in practice the less you bleed in combat -- Richard Marcinko in Rogue Warrior.
Warmed up with 2 minute rounds of:
  • Shadowboxing
    Standard MMA-style shadowboxing, that is, boxing/thai boxing with shots and sprawls.
  • Pummeling
    From over under position
  • Shadowboxing
  • Four count sprawls
    Any four count kick combination followed by a your partner shooting on you, sprawl in defense. Then switch.
  • Shadowboxing
  • Threatened stand-up
    Push away with leg kicks and tactically regain feet. Other side falls to back and repeat.
  • Shadowboxing
Next we worked on MMA timing but using variably timed rounds between 10 seconds and 3 minutes. One side was told the length of the round before starting with the intention that the shorter the round the more they would push the action. This was to encourage the simulation of different energies, the more aggressive the shorter the round. We worked four or five rounds in this fashion. Next we worked 2 x 5 minute drilling rounds using:
  • Standard boxing on focus mitts
    Standard boxing round, with occasional fall of "knock down shot" followed by strikes
  • Standard thai boxing on thai pads
    Standard thai pad round, with occasional fall of "knock down shot" followed by strikes
  • Pummeling with focus mitts
  • Takedown against the wall with focus mitts
    Partner pins holder to wall and attempts takedown. Once on the ground throws three punches to focus mitts.
  • Throw dummy
    Pick it up and throw it...duh
  • Alternating standard thai boxing on thai pads with throw dummy
    Rapid alternations between hitting and throwing
  • G & P Dummy
    • Side mount: Two punches head, two knees body
    • Knee on stomach: Three punches and switch
    • Mount: 3 or 10 punches
  • Takedown against the wall
    Partner pins to wall and attempts takedown, pinned partner defends takedown.
  • 1st takedown
  • Grappling
We finished with 2 x 7 1/2 minute broken into 2 1/2 minute interval MMA timing rounds, keeping one person in and rotating the others.

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