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JKD & BJJ Brutality

This blog is entitled brutality because I trained 4-6 pm Friday evening then worked 7 pm to 7 am in the ED, slept for 2-3 hours and was back training at 11 am until 4 pm Saturday.
We worked hubud with the single stick implementing:
Double Leg Takedown
From hubud stick shot, roll it over to hit the temple, then curve superior to the head, lower your level, and bring the stick behind the knees. Grab the stick with your free hand and finish the double, use your stick to lever against the proximal calves.
Posterior stick choke
From hubud you strip your opponents stick by cupping the wrist and pointing their stick toward the floor, apply pressure with the wrist against the punyo and pop the stick laterally with your thigh. Your partner loses their stick and shoots a double taking your down. Your stick ends up behind their neck. Hook your elbow over the stick and grab your wrist. Elevate the elbow and pull down on stick.
Anterior stick choke
Again your partner has taken you to the ground. The stick is in front of their neck, place it against your far side and their near neck, reach posteriorly to their neck and grab stick, freeing this hand to reach across their neck to grab your wrist.
Cross stick choke
Again your partner takes you down, but is holding your wrist keeping the stick far away. They throw a punch which your intercept at their shoulder with our elbow. Slap the ear and regrab stick in a reverse grip. Slide stick behind neck and set up a "cross collar" choke using the stick as the collar.
For BJJ we practiced attacking from the side-mount with the posterior collar choke from side mount and 180o armbar. We then drilled obtaining the mount from side mount. After practice I rolled a few rounds and then went off for muay thai sparring practice.

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