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JKD & BJJ Must... have... calories... energy... fading...

Missed most of the JKD portion as my clinic time ran over today. Saw two interesting entrances of the lead hook:
Straight elbow to axilla
As your partner throws the hook do a side cover but point the elbow straight ahead. Drive the point of the elbow into the armpit while checking the rear hand with your lead hand.
Upward elbow to axilla
Rotate and pick up the hook with rear forearm while driving a lead upward elbow into the biceps intersection with the deltoid. Follow with a rear downward elbow.
In BJJ we worked a takedown set-up from single lapel control. Use two hands to grip the wrist and detach the hold then arm drag to the double leg or single leg lift to inside line outside reap.
We then played from the open guard with the feet in the hips, controlling both sleeves. Jack briefly described a few things to do offensively:
  • Extend and go to triangle
  • Extend and arm drag, take back
  • Pull the elbow towards the center and transition to oma plata
  • Transition to other guards: De La Riva, lasso, Koala, etc.
We did several rounds like this. Then Jack delineated some defensive strategies:
  • Compress the legs, that is, get the knees as bent as possible by grabbing the thighs and pulling to you.
  • Deny control by get the grips off the sleeves.
The older and busier I get the more important my nutritional demands become. Today I had not eaten for 6 hours by the time I started training except for some ice cream shortly before class. In other words I hit a glycemic low about 20 minutes into practice. When I was younger I ate more strategically, that is, all the time. Now that I (practically) work I often skip meals and since I'm busy do not have a stocked kitchen at home. This can lead to some poorly thought out snack strategies that then kill me when I need energy. I greatly enjoy the nutritional advice in "The Paleo Diet for Athletes : A Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance" (Loren Cordain, Joe Friel) and have a bang-up recipe for a protein shake, but fail to follow it. However to coin a phrase, fighter feed thyself...go grocery shopping.

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