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Medicine Ball Drills, Preemptive Reaction, and G & P rounds

I trained with Jeff yesterday and worked some rounds with him. We started with some medicine ball drills:
  • Chest pass
  • Trunk twists
  • Trunk twists (other direction)
  • Posterior overhead drop, anterior pick-up
  • Explosive bounce pass
  • Clean and press, drop to push-up
Next we worked pad rounds, first focus mitts (3 minutes):
  1. Boxing Elements for MMA
    30 seconds of pitterpat
    Warmed up basic boxing and developed a multi-angle flurry: J-C-LU-O-LH-C.
  2. Entering to Focus Mitt Pummeling
    30 seconds of fast pummeling
    This round we worked boxing and the entrance to work focus mitt pummeling drills.
  3. Groundwork Striking
    • Sidemount: 3 punches to far pad
    • Sidemount: 3 hammerfists/forearms to far pad
    • Mount: 10 punches
    • Get bridge and rolled to guard: 3 punches
    • Guard: Holder feeds punch, defend and take back
    • Rear mount: Holder plants focus mitt of posterior side of arm, 3 punches
We followed with thai pad rounds:
  1. Thai Boxing Elements for MMA
    nLK-C-LH-nRK-LH-C for n = 1-5 (maybe I'll just call this drill Cricket Song)
    This round we worked basic punch-knee and punch-kick combinations
  2. Thai Boxing Elements in the Clinch
    30 seconds of knees
    Continuing off the previous round the knee is used to clinch (i.e. pummeling and takedown) or skip knees (3 knees turn until throw to kick range).
  3. Preemptive Reaction
    30 seconds 3 punches sprawl
    With this round after each combination the hitter creates space and throws a tiip as the holder re-closes distance. The objective is to generate a good defense by developing a better offense.
We finished with 2 x 5 minute of combat sports Tabata protocol conditioning. We added "Sprawl n' Fall" as well as "Fall n' Follow" (first fall to back, kick up, three punches, holder falls, follow to ground with three punches).
And like this picture:
Derrick Noble squares off with Thaigo Alves at UFC 59
Derrick Noble squares off with Thaigo Alves at UFC 59. Although Noble came out strong Alves was able to recover and pull out the win. I just like Derrick's shorts =D.

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