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GJ "I cannot guarantee victory, but I'll fight anyone"

Today we started with a drill showing how easy it is to sucker punch someone. Three people were designated as sucker punchers while everyone walked around and spoke with each other. Without any verbal or physical cues the sucker punchers would tap people on the head.
Next we worked on scenarios using verbal and physical cues, that is, groups would start trouble with each other and go to pushing. Interestingly, people would take a lot and give a lot of territory before engaging. The leading expert on this, Tony Blauer, has a lot of really good stuff to say about this.
We then worked into pad rounds:
  1. SPEAR to padwork
    Using the SPEAR off a street punch we set-up two combinations:
    • Knee-thai side clinch knee-throw away
    • Knee-transition to plum, three skip knees
  2. Erik Paulson Olé
    With this round we started with 30 seconds of overhand-lead uppercut-rear hook-lead hook and then went into the round. We added the olé drill where the feeder walks head down at their partner who pivots out of the way.
  3. Reach out and punch someone
    Here we worked on the extension of our punches. Punches should reach out as far as possible with a strong extension. Too often we shorten our punches. We started and finished with 30 seconds of pitterpat, emphasizing extending the punches.
  4. Conditioning
    30 seconds head kick sprawl
    30 seconds pitterpat
    30 seconds climb the wall
    60 seconds of kick-cross-hook-kick-hook-cross
    30 seconds head kick sprawl head kick fall
Going with or against the punch to achieve the hip tossWe finished with more on the hip toss. We used the SPEAR to enter into the hip toss:
Against the punch
In this version stop the punch and then side clinch on the punching side wrapping the far arm before throwing.
With the punch
Stop the punch and then wrap the punching arm for the side clinch and then throw.
Next we showed two MESHwork techniques for the hip toss:
Hip toss-single leg
Your opponent hops with the throw (as detailed previously). This places their legs on either side of your leg. Pivot 90o and shoot a double leg.
Hip toss-leg breaker
In this case, your opponent defends by dropping their weight. Make sure one of their legs bisects your midline. Detach from the hip toss, reach down and grab their ankle, left and drop them on their back. Groin stomp optional.

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