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JKD & BJJ "A door close and three windows open"

In BJJ we covered a few ways to go from side mount to mount, that is a few open windows to make up for closed doors:
  1. Disrupting the legs
    Push or pull your partner's legs and use the space you create or the space created to find the mount. The mounting leg should be explosive either slapping the floor or kicking the lateral far thigh.
  2. Creating a track
    Use your inferior arm to create a track which your inferior knee can slide. Drive your head to the floor on the far side and slide your knee across.
  3. Lift your foot
    Retain strong head control. Use your inferior hand to grab your inferior foot and lift it superiorly to your opponents legs. Transition into the mount.
  4. Removing hip control
    Slide your superior knee inferiorly and in towards your partner. Scoop out the near arm. Pop the knee up as in #2 above, as your partner checks your knee with their far hand, insert the underhook and itsy bitsy spider their arm upward. Post your head on the far side and slide your knee through for mount.
  5. Kimura fake
    Grab the wrist with your inferior hand as if you were going to kimura. Then pop your leg over as in #1 above.
  6. Leg ride
    Push your partner's legs to the mat on the far side. Put your inferior foot in the crook of their top knee and roll your knee to the floor on the farside. Meanwhile obtain a farside head post and arm underhook. Itsy bitsy spider this arm superiorly and slide your leg through.

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