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GJ Active Mount

In grappling we often talk about a dynamic or active guard, a guard that is used to attack, to threaten both submission and sweep. We rarely say this for any other position, be it mount, side mount, or rear mount and these positions often become thought of as more static but still attacking positions, but they involve as many overt and subtle positioning and attacking details as an active guard. There are versions for controlling an opponent, versions for pinning, and versions for submission. The guard has numerous variations: closed, open, spider, koala, De La Riva, triangle, hooks inside, half, X, and the list evolves every year. We rarely distinguish variations of the mount, side mount, or rear mount. For example a grapevine mount (pinning) is different from a high mount (submissions), an S mount and a knee up mount are different attacking position but rarely do we address, discuss or analyze the finesse of these mount variations as much as with the guard.
Practice was small, Joe, Matt, Paulo and myself, so we did a lot of grappling starting with 3 min of passing the guard, switching and then rotating through three rounds, 10 sec breaks only. Paulo brought up a good point that breaking the guard and passing is done primarily with the hips, the arms and legs are just assisting.
With the above discussion of the active mount, we then proceed with a mounted flow using different mount "positions"

  • From the high mount attack with americana (superior shoulder lock)
  • Defends by turning on side and threading arm through, change to knee up mount (knee up on far side from defending arm / same side as americana), switch to armbar
  • Defends arm bar, post up to remount or to be more fancy:
    (for the longer legged) insert shin (foot toward head)
    Use attempted arm bar to lever up and switch to S mount, then lift head go for mounted triangle
    insert knee (foot toward feet)
    Trap far arm to floor with shin (arm trap mount?), use same side hand to control this arm as you cup the neck with the other, transition through to mounted triangle
We finished by wrestling 3 x 5 min rounds from the feet or knees as people desired.

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